19.  Do you feel they use their sex appeal for the "wrong" reasons?

    Ideally, sex appeal should be used for getting sex, or as a component of normal seduction.  If it is used for such things as advancing one's career or gratuitously getting favors or attention from random strangers, then it is a Warning Sign™.  

22.  Is their life dominated by unrealistic goals and ambitions?

    It's great to have big dreams, but those big dreams should not be an excuse or detriment to pursuits of more realistic goals (see #2 about "actors").  Also: pursuit of big dreams should be accompanied with a realistic plan for how those dreams shall be realized.

29.  Have they ever asked you to somehow "prove" your "love" to them?

    This "proof" is usually requested in the form of a marriage proposal, child, cohabitation, and/or joint bank accounts.  At various times in their lives, people will want these things, but it shouldn't be a test of love or faith.  Commitment is one thing.  But we shouldn't need to "prove" anything, and a sane partner would not ask for such proof.

33.  Are they inappropriately jealous of previous partners too early in the relationship?

    A guy I know told me about a woman he dated who wouldn't sleep in his bed with him because his previous girlfriend had slept there.  That is one big Warning Sign™ for sure.

37.  Do they hate the town they live in?

    This is a particular problem in Los Angeles, where people are always complaining about the town they live in.  Hey -- you don't like it, move!  Or find yourself on the Warning Sign™ list.


© J. Derevlany 2003